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Who are we

Who are we?

Hotel Owners and Supporters

Nursel Tutluoğlu

The mastermind behind everything about the hotel from its decor and design to its inception. The pillar of the day-to-day functioning of the hotel. Studied Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, she is the mother of Levent and Cihan. She lives in-between Istanbul and the island.

Levent M. Tutluoğlu

The project-manager and the enterpreneurial spirit of the hotel. Responsible for addressing the technical needs of the hotel as well as its agricultural planning, and entertainment-related activities. Studied Civil Engineering at Boğaziçi University. Lives in-between Istanbul and the island.

Alexandros Massavetas

The artistic mind behind the photos that adorn the hotel's rooms, as well as the hotel's decor, Alex is responsible for design and conceptualisation at the hotel. Studied Law at the Universities of Athens and Cambridge. Has been working as a journalist, writer and photographer in-between Istanbul, Athens, and the island.

R. Cihangir Tutluoğlu

The hotel's architect, who designed and has been assisting with the hotel's existing layout as well as expansion plans. Studied Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. The father of Levent and Cihan. Lives in-between Istanbul and the island.

Cihan A. Tutluoğlu

He is in charge of the financial affairs, correspondence and day-to-day management at the hotel. Studied Industrial Engineering at Boğaziçi Üniversity, and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University and London School of Economics. Lives in-between London and the island.

Murat Çureban

Our "chef d'orchestre" who helps hotel guests build-up beautiful memories that they will retain long after they check-out, from the moment they check-in. His presence is felt at every level at the hotel from correspondence with guests to its day-to-day management. Studied Tourism Management at 18 Mart University Vocational School for Tourism and Business Administration at Anadolu University.


Zeytin 'Zuzu'

The hotel's smallest member of staff, prime source of happiness and joy. She follows where her bone takes her, in-between the island and Istanbul.


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